Our Road Sabbatical

"The only reason not to do it would be fear, and fear is never a good reason to not do anything"–Tom Balazs

Our Map

The Google map below shows our planned route. You can see where we are right now, where we have been, and where we are planning to be.  If you click on a pin/symbol, you can sometimes find more information about the place. If you click on the map icon on the bottom left corner, you can change from Map View to Aerial View, and even zoom in really close.

Please remember: Our trip is constantly changing. Keep watching this map to get updated. Our general plan is to follow the good weather: Do the cold states in Summer, fly to Israel for the month of Tishrei/September (Jewish High Holidays), then start traveling South along the East Coast, down to Florida in December, and then head out West.


blue pin A place we have visited

green star     Our current location

red pinA place we plan to visit

national parkNational Park we visited

synagogue we attendedSynagogue we attended



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